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"I’m not tough, and I never have been. I suppose over the years I’ve built up kind of a veneer to protect myself because I have functioned on my own for a long, long time, and I have never had a lot of flunkies preceding me to clear the way."

Happy Birthday, Lauren Bacall (16th September, 1924 -  August 12th, 2014)

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This [casual sexism] is a systemic problem – it starts somewhere with little girls needing to be rescued by knights, incapable of being independent. In playgrounds and kids’ parties I often hear: ‘Wow, look at her, she’s a supermodel!’ or ‘This is daddy’s princess’ or ‘You don’t need to learn another language when you look like that!’ Or, even more common: ‘You’re gonna need to lock that one up when she becomes a teenager.’ I haven’t heard much of ‘Wow, watch out you’ve got yourself a JK Rowling there; oops, here comes another Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Caitlin Moran, Paula Radcliffe, or Hilary Mantel!”’ - Natascha McElhone 

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